LLP VAT is registered towards international authorities.

Our main mission is to help French and foreign companies on anything related to international VAT reclaim.

You’re a foreign company, you pay invoices in France or abroad? Whether you’re in the European Union or not, you probably know that you can reclaim the VAT paid on these invoices but you don’t have time for it or the methods to do it. Don’t wait any longer and contact us! LLP VAT takes all the steps necessary and acts as your representative towards the different authorities through the world.

Let’s take time to get to know each other.

In order to make the VAT reclaim process profitable for your company, we’re taking care of the whole application to be able to optimize it, secure it and manage its global cost.

Our Solutions

  • VAT consulting = expertise in seminars, trade shows, conferences, symposiums, conventions
  • Help for all duties linked to VAT
  • Be your representative towards foreign authorities
  • Reclaim of foreign VAT for French companies
  • Knowledge of foreign legislations about VAT
  • Possibility for us to come to your office to evaluate the feasibility of the application
  • Total management of your application
  • A Time-saving service, no tedious work towards foreign authorities for you
  • Effectiveness and fastness
  • An added value thanks to the cost reduction entailed
  • Total transparency with our customers as well as confidentiality when it comes to the documents and information entrusted